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Sunday Sneak Peek

I Doubt It.
Friday, April 27

Christians live by faith, but can you believe and doubt at the same time? What role, if any, does doubt play in a Christians life? Why do we doubt? We’ll explore those questions this Sunday at 9:00 a.m.!

Over 200 Vimeo Videos!

Six years ago we started uploading sermons every week. We've now reached over 200 videos on our Vimeo Channel. Thanks for your support! As always, we'd love to meet you in person if you're able to. Here are some statistics as well that you may enjoy.

• Over 3,200 total views
• Videos watched in over 50 countries
• Over 80 hours of content
• Most viewed video - Choir sings Halleluja
• Most viewed sermon - Act Like A Child

Last Week’s Sermon

April 13, 2014 sermon by Rev. Brendan Prigge referencing Philippians 2:6 (NIV)

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